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Later Than You Think

Royal Kent (lyrics); Wendy Loomis (music)

The electronic version of the classic 'Later Than You Think'. Inspired by a local public access television producer by the name of Dangerous George. Produced on San Francisco's Channel 25, the name of the show was 'Trip City/Straighter Than You Think'. Dangerous George had a way with words which no doubt landed him in a lot of trouble in life. Words also got him out of trouble, redeemed him. He once shared a story with poet Royal Kent about being saved from the electric chair in Texas when the female plaintiff decided to tell the truth. When asked by a reporter with the San Francisco Chronicle why he produced Trip City, Dangerous George replied "for the same reason a woman has a baby...I came to San Francisco to do Trip City"!

Partial Lyrics... What must be conveyed here is greater than What could come from Only pen and ink Those of us tripping in Trip City walking a Crooked path straighter Than you think Only two things to be said Here it's Later than you think Later than you think copyright 2006 Royal Kent